a great gran get together...

We love getting the little cousins together. The older they get the more fun it is too! Pictures are always a must, thanks Gram-we love LOVE you!

Brecklynn, Tyson, "Great" Gran, Andie and Jackson

Brecklynn and Andie already having drama.

Favorite Cousins. They hit, they kiss, they find joy when they see each other. They "vroom, vroom" together and growl well together. We LOVE Jackson's elephant noise. Happy Birthday to you, Jackson, this week!

Saturday is a SPECIAL day...
A pep talk for the parties ahead! Our new purchase today, a must have so that daddy will spend time with us on Saturdays. He figures if I don't have plans made then he'd rather work, golf or ride dirt bikes sooo....see you on the trails!!! We will put this to good use.

Halloween...not too spooky

Springville Main Street
Shayla and I thought we'd get some treats for ourselves, or so it appeared...
The night before Halloween, I was reading Andie our favorite book Fancy Nancy. PERFECT!! So, the pics of her tinkerbell, not so great. BUT Fancy Andie is where it was at! I just whipped together some things from around the house and waalaaa! Super silly. Steve and I were her parents that she tried to make "fancy".

Sooo super cute.

Ward Halloween Party

Steve was such a great doughnut eater. He won. The cake walk, Steve's number was first, then mine was called second. It wasn't just a cupcake we won, it was a plate of cupcakes, each.

So really, I think this was mostly for Steve's mom. She is fancy and I love her for it. She got a kick out of it and we didn't even have to tell her who we were dressed as. I would say our outfits were a little thrown together. It was fun.

A great party thrown by Kevin and Natalie. The lights were off when we pulled up so we were a little confused but oh it was staged, not to worry. She decorated her house so well! It was spooky! The music, strobe lights, wet goobers hanging from the ceiling, candles, spider webs...she nailed it! Good times with good friends, and as always, thanks to the fabulous babysitters. Much appreciated.

A little of Steve...

A weekend when the boys try to prove themselves to be men.
Shooting, Mountain Dew Chugs, Boulder Toss...you know, manly stuff?!
Steve reluctantly handing over last year's first place award to the new man of the year, Kevin Stewart.

Andie helping her daddy get ready for the sand dunes! The best part is that when this happens, I get a day off!
A little warm up before his trip. This is Steve's parents backyard and the boys love it. You wonder about teenage boys and how undeveloped their little brains are. I call this stupid, on Steve's part (aka "man of the year 2007"), but especially rediculous of the boys who risked their lives and were crazy enough to trust Steve.