Some favorites of Andie

Andie's first firework show, Orem's Summerfest 2008

Are we at the zoo? She had no idea that one day she will LOVE going there.

"Is this all I get, a silly hat?" She was so anxious to try that double double...maybe next time.

Just her size! The Salo Family rescued this fawn from G & G Anderson's backyard and kept it for a pet. Spending time with daddy at Sundance.

You thought this was Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus...Look closer!
Our family was able to play a part in the most amazing live Nativity you could
imagine Christmas 2007. If you need an idea for FHE the first week of December, let me know and I will get you the address. Something you will never forget.

Andie's baby blessing, November 4, 2007
Steve's Family: Micheal, Bradford, Sarah, Grandma Anderson, Grandpa Anderson, Jeff, Karen, Steve, Carly, Andie, Brian, Jessica and Reid.
We are so grateful for our families, their love and all of their support.