The BIG #1

Happy Birthday to Andie!

What a day it was...and her party was ALOT of fun! She got a lot of great presents, did the cake thing and sported her super cute bib from Grandma Anderson. It was beautiful weather and the food turned out. These are a few of the details that were a part of
her big day:

Good Morning Birthday Girl!!


The added bow on her crown was a "quick fix" due to her ripping it a little while before the party was to start. Some tape, a clippy and some ribbon will always do the job. The favors were caramel apples or vanilla popcorn with m&m candies. You wonder...no cake?? Oh, there was! It was a 2 layer, chocolate, chocolate...but you guessed it, on the first turn of transport, it went down! Luckily, I made 1 1/2 cakes so we just switched out the top layer and "wa laa!" I guess I will add a pic just to show that it was there.

Her presents were all so fun! She got clothes, shoes, jackets, books, a piano, puzzles, a 4 wheeler, toys, some $ and the best was a one dollar coin for her first birthday (from Great Grandma). Clever, I thought...we'll scrapbook it.

Andie and Sarah, so super cute!

Jackson cheering Andie on..

Andie having her cake, and eating it too!

She started off with just picking at it with her 2 fingers, "testing" is what we call it. It passed.

Hooray for a great day, it was as much a celebration for Steve and I making it through the first year as it was for the birthday girl, what an exciting time!