Andie's first visit to California...

One of the homes that Steve has been on in the last year has some pretty great homeowners. They have fallen in love with Steve and it has been so good for him to work with them. He wore his Dodgers hat a few months back and Carol was so anxious to find out about his love for the team. She offered their 3rd base dugout tickets and who could pass those up! Thanks to another hook up, Karen had a buy one get one free delta pass so for our 4th anniversary we figured it would be best to go to California, yet again! It is always great to visit family, go to the beach (this time we did Malibu), eat in'n'out almost every meal, and the best part for me, of course, is the fabric and fashion district in downtown LA. Steve is a great sport and supports my mad desires to always go there. Thanks to G and G Hatch for opening their beautiful home and letting us come and go. What a peaceful place to be. Good vacation...I mean...get away...no, I don't know what I mean-we took Andie with us! It will be amazing the day we go on a vacation without our children. I wonder what it will feel like? She is a great traveler and she did
a great job, but it is just not the same! I'll look forward to that day.
We've already decided that our 6th anniversary will be a BIG one so whoever wants to join (that is if we cruise), let me know! I hear cruises are more fun with a group. Anyway, back to California, it was a good time.

When we got back, we went straight to Anderson's and stayed with Steve's brothers and sister for the week. It was alot of fun...the best part: I finished Andie's quiet book! I am giving it to her on her 1st b-day (in 2 days!!) so pics have to wait a little while longer. That was by far the BEST part! I think the kids are such awesome kids though, no worries, they get along, they do their jobs, they play with Andie! Jeff and Karen are good parents. We were happy to help and will do it anytime.


Utah State Fair

The little farm at the fair was THE CUTEST thing that I have ever seen for kids. It took each one of them through many stages of farming, milking cows, sheering sheep, planting a garden, taking items to market, how the items are bought in a general store, etc. Nice work Utah State Fair!
Andie is starting to have fun when we go out, she is really catching on! It is such a blessing to have friends, thanks you guys-


Cloward Family Baseball

Jackson only likes the secrets that Andie tells him...
"My dad is better than your dad", and then he smiles-
Andie and her Grandpa Rick
I really don't think that any of the games are watched when the girls gather for these weekly events. Greg gets lucky because he has his 3 special fans that, when he runs past, scream, "daddy, daddy, daddy"!!! Very cute. I know Steve looks forward to that attention.I think that Greg enjoys it so much that he just keeps running This week was extra special because Grandma Karen came to watch Steve play..Andie really got excited when she saw her walk up! Very cute to see, she is growing up so fast!
Chris, Craig, Steve, Cory and Cade
They are a great team, some of the plays that take place on the infield are amazing...

Cade is a homerun hitter.
They get quality time together...I hope they don't talk about work.
Kelli, Ellery, Beaux, Sloane and Indi
If I saw this man carrying my baby around and didn't know who he was, I would assume that he was taking her and never bringing her back. This is a first for Craig, it must be hunting season.
To a WINNING team, take it ALL!


Summer fun

Good times...
Cory's little family, JoAnna and Jackson
Omniture Party 2008
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad
Lake Powell

Steve and his brothers
and some more brothers...and Sarah.
I was resenting the fact that Steve's dad was going on a scenic detour while I was anxious to get home from Lake Powell. We went through Cedar Canyon by Brian Head and this is really what is hiding up there. AMAZING! Thanks Jeff, we really enjoyed the whole week.


Lakeview 4th Ward Campout
He asks, "Another one of these campouts?"
Notice Jared and Heather in the background having WAY TOO MUCH fun.
We really did have a great time, well, that is until everyone went to bed. If only I had a picture of what Andie and I did all night long in Steve's truck. I must rethink the whole camping experience if it ever comes up again.

This might give you an idea, we hadn't even began the trip home and this is what I found...

Andie's New Ride

I got this for her to practice walking. Instead, she now lifts the seat and climbs in the storage, uses it for a step to climb on the couch and runs the sirens non-stop...the batteries are already needing replacement. No rest in our house after 6:45 a.m.