Cloward Family Baseball

Jackson only likes the secrets that Andie tells him...
"My dad is better than your dad", and then he smiles-
Andie and her Grandpa Rick
I really don't think that any of the games are watched when the girls gather for these weekly events. Greg gets lucky because he has his 3 special fans that, when he runs past, scream, "daddy, daddy, daddy"!!! Very cute. I know Steve looks forward to that attention.I think that Greg enjoys it so much that he just keeps running This week was extra special because Grandma Karen came to watch Steve play..Andie really got excited when she saw her walk up! Very cute to see, she is growing up so fast!
Chris, Craig, Steve, Cory and Cade
They are a great team, some of the plays that take place on the infield are amazing...

Cade is a homerun hitter.
They get quality time together...I hope they don't talk about work.
Kelli, Ellery, Beaux, Sloane and Indi
If I saw this man carrying my baby around and didn't know who he was, I would assume that he was taking her and never bringing her back. This is a first for Craig, it must be hunting season.
To a WINNING team, take it ALL!