Andie's first visit to California...

One of the homes that Steve has been on in the last year has some pretty great homeowners. They have fallen in love with Steve and it has been so good for him to work with them. He wore his Dodgers hat a few months back and Carol was so anxious to find out about his love for the team. She offered their 3rd base dugout tickets and who could pass those up! Thanks to another hook up, Karen had a buy one get one free delta pass so for our 4th anniversary we figured it would be best to go to California, yet again! It is always great to visit family, go to the beach (this time we did Malibu), eat in'n'out almost every meal, and the best part for me, of course, is the fabric and fashion district in downtown LA. Steve is a great sport and supports my mad desires to always go there. Thanks to G and G Hatch for opening their beautiful home and letting us come and go. What a peaceful place to be. Good vacation...I mean...get away...no, I don't know what I mean-we took Andie with us! It will be amazing the day we go on a vacation without our children. I wonder what it will feel like? She is a great traveler and she did
a great job, but it is just not the same! I'll look forward to that day.
We've already decided that our 6th anniversary will be a BIG one so whoever wants to join (that is if we cruise), let me know! I hear cruises are more fun with a group. Anyway, back to California, it was a good time.

When we got back, we went straight to Anderson's and stayed with Steve's brothers and sister for the week. It was alot of fun...the best part: I finished Andie's quiet book! I am giving it to her on her 1st b-day (in 2 days!!) so pics have to wait a little while longer. That was by far the BEST part! I think the kids are such awesome kids though, no worries, they get along, they do their jobs, they play with Andie! Jeff and Karen are good parents. We were happy to help and will do it anytime.