Summer fun

Good times...
Cory's little family, JoAnna and Jackson
Omniture Party 2008
Aunt Sarah and Uncle Brad
Lake Powell

Steve and his brothers
and some more brothers...and Sarah.
I was resenting the fact that Steve's dad was going on a scenic detour while I was anxious to get home from Lake Powell. We went through Cedar Canyon by Brian Head and this is really what is hiding up there. AMAZING! Thanks Jeff, we really enjoyed the whole week.


Lakeview 4th Ward Campout
He asks, "Another one of these campouts?"
Notice Jared and Heather in the background having WAY TOO MUCH fun.
We really did have a great time, well, that is until everyone went to bed. If only I had a picture of what Andie and I did all night long in Steve's truck. I must rethink the whole camping experience if it ever comes up again.

This might give you an idea, we hadn't even began the trip home and this is what I found...

Andie's New Ride

I got this for her to practice walking. Instead, she now lifts the seat and climbs in the storage, uses it for a step to climb on the couch and runs the sirens non-stop...the batteries are already needing replacement. No rest in our house after 6:45 a.m.