Our Summer is Coming to an End...


This month has been so fun! Very, very busy. Steve has started doing his real estate with Raph and is enjoying the new adventure. In addition, he loves manual labor, his company is Revolution Builders, and he continues to accept side jobs (he does basements, decks, remodels, finish work, etc.) so that keeps him even more busy, oh, not to mention that he keeps waking up at 5:00am to go to the gym. He is playing on a softball team with my brothers, CBC Construction (Cory's business), on Wednesday nights and that is just one more thing to add to the list! The final activity that keeps him most busy is his Young Men. He has such a good time taking them to nickelcade and to get ice cream, camping, fishing, hiking, playing volleyball, paint balling, golfing...I think his boys are a little spoiled to do whatever they feel like doing once a week. They did do a service project, I think that they pulled weeds at the church and planted flowers. I am so grateful that he has the opportunity to be an example to these boys and be their friend. It is good for him.

The day his Real Estate License finally came in the mail, a good day...

Steve, Carl, Mike and Curtis on their way to hike Timpanogos

Andie Brooke is growing oh so fast. This week in Lake Powell she started taking steps from person to person. I am glad that everyone was so nice to her and she felt comfortable going to each of them. She loves to call out to "mama and dada" allll the time and the best is one night at dinner we were standing in the kitchen together with our arms folded and without ever even thinking that she was ready to learn to fold her arms she surprised us. We were so excited to see that she was learning by example and our efforts were paying off.

Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point

Another Firework Show with DaddyLake Powell

Andie and Cousin Jeffry

I am just a busy mom. I am excited to start blogging, it was hard deciding to get started and when to find the time but I think I have it figured out enough that it shouldn't be too time consuming. I am the Enrichment Counselor in Relief Society so I will be posting alot of pics and ideas of what we do for our midweek, small group and enrichment nights. It will be a busy calling but is going to be so fun!

AND... I am always up for ideas for activities.

Midweek at Thanksgiving Point

While in Lake Powell all the ladies on the boat had books and it really got me thinking...I might also add that to my list of things to do each week. I would only like to read things that will help better my life but I need to start reading so any suggestions of good books (other than twilight or harry potter) would be so appreciated!

Instead of reading, I found myself doing this...

I really got to think alot down there and the other thing that I am sooo excited to do is make a very cute quiet book for Andie. We have been working on quiet time so that sacrament meeting is a good experience and I am just wanting some more things to keep her little mind going. Any ideas or tips? I've found some great ideas online and just was wondering if anyone had some from personal experience.