Season Ender...

It is probably a good thing that the season is over because it got a little chilly for this little one...PS...forgot to note before that she is walking and has been for a week now! Sooo fun!

Quiet Book, Continued.

Zip the tent! The end.

If anyone decides to take this on... I am happy to answer any questions. One suggestion- make it BEFORE you have a child.

Quiet Book

Oh, how I can't wait for church next Sunday!

I hope this works! As promised before, I am sharing my talents with anyone who wants to see... I got alot of the ideas off of other blogs, so I did copy, this is not original! It was ALOT of work but I know it will be well worth every minute. Happy birthday present Andie, I love you.

Noah's Ark has finger puppets in a pocket, I also have memory animal cards to put in there for older children as a quiet game.

Weave felt strips together and add a ribbon for a handle to make this picnic basket. Includes a placemat, plate, fork, spoon and knife for children to become familiar with how to set a table. Button and bow for added detail to close.

Flower vase has felt flowers with button holes sewn in center of each flower. Same colored button is attached to page for matching to make a bouquet.

A few of the self explanatory pages:

Rain jacket. Help button coat to go out in the rain.

I added a few pages with zipper pockets for different items, pipe cleaners are great for little imaginations, a mirror and beads for a little princess- I will also add a comb, lipstick, etc. I have the numbers for matching in one of the pockets.

Stop light has felt circles to create a street light and the road is for driving a matchbox car on.

Little miss will LOVE braiding these pigtails! I just sewed some embroidery floss under a beanie.

A piggy bank to practice tithing and saving.